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   Established in October 2008 and located at the Guanlin Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, the YIBAO MACHINE EQUIPMENT Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in producing high quality rollers.More than 30 years of experiences on heat treating in Taiwan, the company's products have been widely used as difficult working pieces in the industries of aviation, space, national defense and automobile etc., accumulated experiences  on scientific thermal treatment for metal materials; besides, the company has made unceasing development of high-performance key components, of which, Sendzimir (20-roll mill) working roller is its representative example.With its unceasing research and development for new materials and high-level thermal treatment, the company has manufactured a series of high-performance rollers (working roller, intermediate roller and roller for driving and idler roller), that possess over 6-fold of service time as compared with that of the domestic ones. Therefore, the company has changed the history of high-quality rollers market monopolized by Europe, USA and Japan.
Each piece of roller can be manufactured with the most appropriate materials according to the actual requirements of customers. We have imported the relative materials from those noted manufacturers in Taiwan, Japan and Europe etc, after through salt bath-type thermal  treatment and precision machinery process, each procedure should pass the strict inspection with step by step method, so that each piece of roller is made detailed hardness test, measured dimension value and the inspection report on chemical compositions of material and thermal treatment procedures etc.
    Over 10 years, the two-digit high-speed growth has been realized in iron and steel industry (including stainless steel) in China, and in the course of growth, people have met difficult problems, relating to poor quality of rollers that are easy to be stripped, burst or broken, so result in the relevant production capacity can't be promoted and product quality can't be upgraded. It's an important issue on how to find out high-quality rollers so as to increasing production capacity of factories and product quality. Yibao Company's high-quality rollers are right your best choice basing on our 30 yearr oller manufacture technology and experience in Taiwan,including the witness of dozens of our customers spread all over Taiwan, China, Europe, USA and Japan etc.

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