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Intermediate Roll
Hot impat resistant and heat compression are the most important factor for intermediate roll¡¯s steel grade choice. The intermediate roll¡¯s surface hardness will be increased through high thermal shock and heat compression. Usually, when rolling, cracks and spalling, the rolls will be changed.This is most headache problem during the operation period. YIBAO concentrate on a solution for this problem through material selection, manufacturing process and Advance Heat Treatment all efforts focus on intensive thermal shock resistant, and compression resistance.
Avoid cracks and spalling by thermal shock.
For example, H12, which is the best choice for intermediate roll, It provides compression resistant by itself. However, top heat treatment technology composes refine and stable structure produce further strengthen thermal shock resistant and compression resistant. Not only does it have the strongest thermal shake, compression and wear resistant characteristics, There is also lower grinding amount than other material under strict condition. there life performance are longer than other intermediate rolls.
Steel grade selection for intermediate roll:


Steel grade



Intermediate roll

£¨12% Cr£©

HRC 56-58

Good wear resistant used in general steel sheet rolling but weak thermal-shake and compression resistant

Intermediate roll


HRC 58-60

Very good roughness and wear resistant, strong Thermal-shake and compression resistant

We produce and divide into two kinds of rolls for cold rolling by hardness depth The diameter ranges from 12mm to 540mm, with a maximum length of 4000mm.
A: Full hardened roller for cold rolling
The main purpose of developing full hardened roller is to displace for surface hardened roller for cold rolling. The roller¡¯s characteristic for cold rolling should have strong roughness, wear resistant. Proper hardness and brighter surface. Based on Sendzimir roll¡¯s strict manufacturing standard, which is BA sheet and thickness, rolling requirement develop special rolls for cold rolling. It has stronger roughness, wear resistance, brighter surface and less grinding amount of surface hardened roller for cold rolling during the operation period. 
Thus their life performance are much longer than surface hardened roller for cold rolling. The manufacture cost is a little higher; however, cost profit much better than Induction Hardening roller for cold rolling.
B: Induction Hardening roller for cold rolling
The diameter ranges from 12mm to 540mm, with a maximum length of 4000mm.
The hardness depth ranges from 2mm to 30mm.
Steel grade selection not only satisfy all cold rolling requirements by itself, but ESR manufacturing process must be completed to make sure no cracks and spalling  under normal situation. On the other hand, high, medium and low frequency should selected by customer request or discussion with us.

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